Looking Good, Feeling Great!

How old would I be if I didn’t know how old I am?

What are the secrets of longevity…should I move to Okinawa? How do I maintain a youthful appearance, with or without cosmetic enhancements?

Zumba? Bootcamp? Spinning? Fast walking? Where do I begin?

Kale? Really?? Give me other healthy eating options.

Sleep…All night long? How?

I’m 65, pear shaped and trying to find new clothes…can you help?

Bicycle riding


What’s Coming up Next? Who am I Now?

I’m retiring soon…what am I going to do tomorrow? Next week?

How do I make my money last when I’m told Boomers live to a ripe old age?

Just got my Medicare card. Yay! How do I use it?

Can I still realize my dreams? What does my life resume look like?

Can I volunteer without thinking I have to save the world?

How do I learn to let loose and play?



Boomer Style!

Face to Facebooking…I need connections!

Suddenly single…how do I begin again?

I’m going to be a Grandparent, didn’t I just have a baby??

Bridge? Mah Jongg? Book Club? Garden Club? What’s right for me?

Needing my girlfriends…the ones who energize, not drain!