Three guaranteed ways to bring smiles

Buy two tickets to a special event and then surprise a friend with an invitation.

Stock up on sale items at the grocery store and give some to a needy family.

Arrange to take each grandchild on a special date.

3 ideas to make tomorrow more fun!

1. Talk to the person in line with you at your local coffee shop., maybe even treat him or her.

2. Take an early morning or twilight walk, look all around, take it all in.

3. Wander around the dollar store…remember Woolworth’s?

C’mon… Get your happy on. Right now

Think about the little things that bring you contentment each day…is it that morning cup of joe in your favorite souvenir mug from that treasured trip to Yosemite? Is it that excited over-the-moon feeling you get when you hear “Hi Grandma!!!” when you call? Is it the good feeling you get when you walk around the neighborhood, giving a friendly smile and G’Morning to all you see? Think about your day, even though you might think it’s quite routine. It truly isn’t when you zero in on the little things that make you feel good.

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